Lists of applications for proprietary Chinese medicine registration

According to the Chinese Medicine Ordinance (Cap.549) (the Ordinance), product defined as "proprietary Chinese medicine" (pCm) shall apply for registration (together with the necessary documents, information, samples and materials) with, the Chinese Medicines Board of the Chinese Medicine Council. Upon commencement of section 119 of the Ordinance, all pCms must be registered before it can be imported, manufactured and sold in Hong Kong.

Having considered the sales history and situation of pCm in Hong Kong, an arrangement of transitional registration was provided under the Ordinance.  Provided that an application was made within the period for transitional registration (i.e. 19 December 2003 to 30 June 2004 inclusive), the manufacturer or importer/local representative or agent of a manufacturer outside Hong Kong of a pCm manufactured, sold or supplied for sale in Hong Kong as at 1 March 1999 could apply for registration, and would be issued with a "Notice of confirmation of transitional registration of pCm" if the pCm concerned fulfills the relevant requirements and has submitted the basic information for safeguarding public health. Such pCm shall then be deemed to have registered in accordance with the Ordinance.  Holder of the notice of confirmation is required to label the "Transitional Registration number (HKP-XXXXX)" on the outer box of the registered pCm.

For pCm issued with "Notice of confirmation of Transitional Registration of pCm" and those pCm newly applied for registration, the Chinese Medicines Board will assess each application according to the set deadline for submission of document and requirements. Upon fulfillment of the safety, quality and efficacy requirements, the Chinese Medicines Board will approve the application and issue "Certificate of Registration of pCm", which contains a registration number of HKC-XXXXX to the product concerned.

When making a purchase of pCm, consumers should pay attention to whether the product contains the above information. If in doubt, they should contact the relevant supplier / manufacturer for details.

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