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"Wholesale of Chinese herbal medicines" means the obtaining or importing of any Chinese herbal medicine to a manufacturer or a person who obtains such medicine for the purpose of selling again or supplying or causing to supply such medicine to a third party in the course of business or activity carried out by that person.

Applicants who wholesale the Chinese herbal medicines must first obtain a wholesaler licence in Chinese herbal medicines.


How to obtain application forms

Application forms and the Handbook of the Application for Chinese Medicines Trader Licences can be obtained from the Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office of the Department of Health or downloaded from this website.


Submission of documents or information

Applicants are required to submit in person or by registered post the duly completed Application Form for Wholesaler licence in Chinese Herbal Medicines (Form 1B) with the Documentation Checklist - Application for Wholesaler licence in Chinese Herbal Medicines (Checklist 2B) accompanied by the required documents listed therein. Applicants may also submit application via online form.The required documents include:

  1. Copy of Business Registration Certificate

  2. For limited company,

    1. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation; and

    2. Copy of Directors' List, such as Form NAR1 of the Companies Registry or a full set of Form NNC1 (in case of a newly established limited company) ; OR

    For sole proprietorship, copy of Form 1(a) of Business Registration Office; OR

    For partnership, copy of Form 1(c) of Business Registration Office

  3. Name list of sole proprietor/partners/director(s) and key personnel (including full names in both Chinese and English, Hong Kong Identity Card numbers / Passport numbers and posts. In the case of a director being a corporation, please state the name and Company Number of the corporation)

  4. Brief floor plan of business premises

The Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office of the Department of Health will issue a letter of acknowledgement within 30 days upon receipt of an application form. The letter of acknowledgement will contain an application number. Any applicant who does not receive a letter of acknowledgement after the said 30 days shall contact the Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office of the Department of Health.


Application results and duration of the licence

After receiving an application, the Department of Health will send officers to inspect the applicant's business premises and prepare a report for assessment by the Chinese Medicines Board. If the application is approved by the Board, the applicant will be required to pay the prescribed fee. Upon the receipt of the relevant fee, the Department of Health will send the licence to the applicant by post. If the applicant has already provided email address via designated means, the applicant will also receive an e-licence via email. If an application is refused, the applicant will be notified in writing thereof, and he may initiate a review or appeal against that decision. The duration of the licence will be shown on the licence, and shall be not more than two years.


Licensing fees and methods of payment

For the required fees, please refer to Fees. Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office will issue a General Demand Note to the applicant. The applicant could make payment according to the payment methods stated in the General Demand Note.


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