Licensing of Chinese Medicine Traders > Transitional arrangements for the licensing of Chinese medicines traders

The application period of transitional licensing for Chinese medicines traders licence is from 5 April 2003 to 15 July 2003. If an applicant has been engaging in the retail or wholesale of Chinese herbal medicines and the wholesale or manufacture of proprietary Chinese medicines on 3 January 2000 and wishes to apply for a licence under the transitional arrangement, he may submit the completed application form with relevant documents to the Chinese Medicines Board. Should the Board confirm that he qualifies to apply for a licence under transitional arrangements, he may be deemed to have been granted the licence.

For applicants who started to engage in the relevant Chinese medicines business in the period after 3 January 2000 until 15 July 2003, they cannot apply for the licence under the transitional arrangements. Applications must be submitted within the above-mentioned application period in order to facilitate the issue of licence for continuing their business operations.

The concerned application had been closed.


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