Licensing of Chinese Medicine Traders > Application for Certified copy of licences and certificate

Under section 117 and 137 of the Chinese Medicine Ordinance, the applicant may apply to the Chinese Medicines Board for certified copies of the following licences and certificates:


Application requirements

The applicant must be the lawfully authorized person of the company which holds the relevant licence/certificate; and the corresponding licence/certificate must still be valid.


Application procedures

The Guidance Notes of Application for Certified Copy of Chinese Medicines Trader Licences and Certificates can be obtained from the Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office of the Department of Health or downloaded form this website.

The applicant shall submit a written application which includes the followings:

  1. The type and number of the licence/certificate (or attaching copies of the licence/certificate)
  2. Number of certified copy requested
  3. Name and signature of the applicant
  4. Date, company name, address, telephone number and company chop

Applicants may submit the applications to the Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office of the Department of Health in person during office hours or by registered post.


Application Results and methods of payment

The applicant will receive a written notification if the application is approved. For the required fees, please refer to Fees. Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office will issue a General Demand Note to the applicant. The applicant could make payment according to the payment methods stated in the General Demand Note.


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