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Guidelines on trade name of Chinese medicines business containing terms of Chinese medicine practice

The Chinese medicines trader licences are issued by the Chinese Medicines Board (CMB) in accordance with the provision for licensing of Chinese medicines traders under Chinese Medicine Ordinance. To avoid contravening the restriction on promotion of practice as stipulated in the "Code of Practice for Chinese Medicine Practitioners", Chinese medicine practitioners (CMPs) who practise Chinese medicine and hold, at the same time, a licence in retail or wholesale of Chinese herbal medicines, or a licence in manufacture or wholesale of proprietary Chinese medicines, must comply with the provisions under the code of practice when using the trade name to promote their Chinese medicines business, to avoid disciplinary proceedings by the CMP Board for breaching the code. Having regard to the circumstances concerning the use of terms implying the practice of Chinese medicine in the Chinese medicines trade names, the CMB has formulated the following guidelines:

  1. If a Chinese medicines trade name contains the title of "CMP" or a term indicating a stream of Chinese medicine practice (including general practice, acupuncture and bone-setting) or the terms of hospital/clinic, it must be genuine lest it shall constitute misleading the public. For example:

    1. If a trade name contains the title of "Chinese medicine practitioner", the business must include Chinese medicine service by a registered CMP or a listed CMP.

    2. If a trade name contains a personal name and the title of "CMP", then the person concerned should be a registered CMP or a listed CMP, and he/she should be responsible for the provision of the relevant Chinese medicine service. In addition, the name should be recorded in the register of registered CMP or the list of listed CMP.

    3. In using the terms of "general practice", "acupuncture" and "bone-setting" in a Chinese medicines trade name, the relevant regulations under Chinese Medicine Ordinance must be complied with.

    4. If the relevant CMP is no longer responsible for the Chinese medicines business, then his name and the title of CMP should no longer be used in the trade name.

  2. Under the circumstances where the title of CMP or other regulated titles are not used, Chinese medicines traders will not be prohibited from using other terms which are not regulated under Chinese Medicine Ordinance.

  3. Trade names carrying terms or words of Chinese medicine hospital (中醫院) should not be used to avoid misleading the public into believing that hospital service is provided.