Lists of licensed Chinese medicines traders

The Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong database of licensed Chinese medicines trader (CMT) record contains lists of "retailers of Chinese herbal medicines (Chm)", "wholesalers of Chm", "manufacturers of proprietary Chinese medicines (pCm)", "manufacturers of pCm (external packing only)", "wholesalers of pCm", "holders of Certificate for Manufacturer (Good manufacturing practice in respect of proprietary Chinese medicines)" and "CMTs approved for online sale of Chm". Whilst every care has been taken in preventing technical malfunctions, and in ensuring that the database is regularly updated, the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong cannot take responsibility for errors or omissions in the data or records, or for any consequences, direct or indirect, arising from such errors or omissions or from reliance thereon.

The Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong reserves the right to modify, extend or suspend the search facilities in full or in part. Notice of these matters will be posted on the following website: