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Composition, Functions and Member List of the Chinese Medicines Traders Committee

  1. a chairman who shall be a member of the Chinese Medicines Board;
  2. 2 persons from the trade of Chinese medicines;
  3. 1 Chinese medicine practitioner;
  4. 1 lay person; and
  5. 2 public officers who shall be appointed by the Director of Health.


  1. to make recommendations to the Chinese Medicines Board on the licensing requirements, practising conditions and guidelines in respect of different categories of Chinese medicines traders required to be licensed; and
  2. to carry out any other functions assigned to it under the Chinese Medicine Ordinance or delegated to it by the Chinese Medicines Board.


Member list
Mr LO Ching-ping, William MH
Person from Trade of Chinese Medicines
Mr KWOK Tsz-ming
Person from Trade of Chinese Medicines
Dr GAN Pei-tzeng
Person from Trade of Chinese Medicines
Dr WANG Hui-min
Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Prof WONG Man-sau
Lay person
Dr WONG Chi-hong, Ambrose
Senior Medical & Health Officer of Department of Health
Mr YEUNG Yee-fai, Raphael
Senior Pharmacist of Department of Health


Arrangement of the member list is on the basis of composition listed above and strokes of Chinese name


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