List of Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners

Pursuant to section 53 of the Chinese Medicine Ordinance, the following list of persons whose names appear in the Register of Chinese Medicine Practitioners is published. This list consists of two parts: Part (A) lists out the registered Chinese medicine practitioners who registered under section 69, and Part (B) lists out the Chinese Medicine Practitioners with limited registration who registered under section 85. The purpose of publishing the list of registered Chinese medicine practitioners is to inform the public that the name of each person on the list has been added to the Register of Chinese Medicine Practitioners maintained by the Registrar of Chinese Medicine Practitioners according to section 52 of the Chinese Medicine Ordinance. Persons using the personal data therein for an unrelated purpose render themselves liable to action under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486).

Registered Chinese medicine practitioners can use the title of "Registered Chinese medicine practitioner of the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong" or "Registered Chinese medicine practitioner" in their practice. Registered Chinese medicine practitioners are required to post the "Practising Certificate for Registered Chinese medicine practitioner" in their clinics.