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Continuing Education in Chinese Medicine (CME) for Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners (CMPs)

According to the Chinese Medicine Ordinance, registered Chinese medicine practitioners must satisfy requirements set by the Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board regarding continuing education in Chinese medicine (CME) before they can renew their practising certificates. The Practitioners Board has implemented the CME since 28 February 2005 and has accredited the recognized CME Administrators and CME Programme Providers. Lists of the Administrators and Programme Providers can be downloaded from this website.

Each registered CMP must select on their own an accredited CME Administrator, to maintain their personal CME record. If a registered CMP has established CME records with two or more CME Administrators simultaneously, the registered CMP should cancel one of the CME records as soon as possible, take back the relevant information, and submit the information to the selected CME Administrator.

Organizations other than the accredited CME Programme Providers may apply to the Registration Committee of the Practitioners Board for accreditation on its individual programmes. Application form and guidance notes can be downloaded from this website.


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